PGT Season 1 Grand Winner: Jovit Baldivino

Pilipinas Got Talent: A reality talent show that had the country waiting to have a dose of every episode.


Facebook Fan Pages of the contestants abound. ABS-CBN states, “PGT was the most talked-about topic on Twitter during the start of the show’s final results night on Sunday.” Bloggers too, have been following the hype. PGT is probably one of the most watched shows in these islands.


According to PGT’s About page, the show began February 20, 2010 and that it is based on the Got Talent franchise. Three icons of the Philippine Showbiz were tapped as  judges, namely, Ms. Ai-ai delas Alas, Mr. Freddie M. Garcia, and Ms. Kris Aquino. Meanwhile, Mr. Luis Manzano and Mr. Billy Crawford, themselves seen as proof that Pinoys(Filipinos) got talent, were the chosen hosts of the show.

Thousands upon thousands of hopefuls got off their comfort zones and endured the discomfort of waiting on the line for the auditions. Among the performers were singers, bands, and other musicians, comedians, magicians, and even kids too young to be in highschool. Some performances were amusing, to say the least. Singers who sang but never, even for once, hit the right notes and musicians whose skills didn’t deserve, at least not yet, the appearance on national television. There were even dancers whose moves would bore you to death.  However, there were more performances that were amazing. Non-professional singers singing way better than those already in the industry, musicians whose skills are worth broadcasting in the air, and dancers whose moves make one envy and wish that he had the same skill. Indeed, watching this show could actually help out in one’s pride for being a Filipino.


Fast forward to Sunday, June 13, 2010 and you’d wonder who among the couch potatoes, tv addicts, or die-hard fans are not watching the show. That was the grand finals night, where the remaining contenders performed at the Araneta Coliseum with celebrities. This was the final night for the first season of PGT–the night when the grand winner of PGT season 1 would be announced and awarded a whopping P2 million.

There were 12 groups left, and midway through the show, the hosts announced that 11 of the 12 would not go home empty-handed. Instead, they will be awarded P50, 000. A little later, when the top three were announced to be Jovit, The Velasco Brothers, and The Baguio Metamorphosis, it was announced that 2 of these 3 groups would be awarded P100, 000. Tension filled the air when judge Mr. Freddie M. Garcia was about to proclaim the winner. Then the announcement was made. The winner of PGT season 1 was declared to be Jovit Baldivino. Upon hearing his name called, tears filled Jovit’s eyes as The Velasco Brothers and The Baguio Metamorphosis flocked to and congratulated him. The rest is history.

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A profile of Jovit can be found here.
A news write up from ABS-CBN can be found here.
PGT’s spot on the web can be found here.

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    • Marla Viray
    • June 14th, 2010

    Hindi ka naman adik kay Jovit, ha, Juro? hehehe

    • Marla Viray
    • June 14th, 2010

    Hey, we have similar (if not entirely the same) blog theme. ^^

  1. Marla Viray :

    Hindi ka naman adik kay Jovit, ha, Juro? hehehe

    Oh no. Di ako adik. Haha.
    I’m just tryin’ to keep my writing skills. Hehe.
    Would you mind posting your blog url? Haven’t got it in my pc. Thanks.

    • lourdes nove israel
    • June 16th, 2010

    Congratulations Jovit…’re really number 1!!!!! umpisa plang ng contest strong na yung vibrations ko na ikaw ang mgdadala ng 2m…CONGRTAZ AGAIN… sabi ni Ai2 ” wag mgbabago”….

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